6 Common Myths of Physiotherapy Services Debunked


Most people suffer in pain after an accident, due to old age or even after surgery without realizing that physiotherapy services are the answer to their pain. In fact, most people who suffer in pain without seeking physiotherapy services do so because of the misconceptions surrounding these services. Physiotherapists use various techniques, exercises, and procedures to ease pain from an injury or surgery.

1. Therapy is only for people who play sports

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for an array of disabilities, illnesses, and injuries unlike the common misconception that it suits sports people. The therapy virtually treats conditions that affect your nerves, muscles or joints. The therapy is helpful to people suffering from headaches, whiplash, low back pain, neck pain, and postural problems.

2. Physical therapy only consists of exercises

Physiotherapists are trained to treat pain in different approaches, and not exercise as most people believe. Exercises are only part of the overall treatment procedures. They are given to patients during the recovery process besides other essential hand son treatment options that are appropriate to the condition of a patient. Also, physiotherapists give home exercises to patients so that they can further enhance their sessions as well as promote carry over during the sessions.

3. Physical therapy is painful

Physiotherapists will from time to time use heavy mobility or deep pressure to aid in your treatment, but that doesn’t mean that it is the only approach to ease pain. Physiotherapists have the obligation of assisting people to overcome illness, injury, or disability through advice, exercise and movement, education, and manual therapy. Therefore, physical therapy doesn’t have to hurt, and you need to talk to your physiotherapist about any concerns you might be having.

4. You need to keep going back for a long time

Physical therapy works towards fixing the problem or relieving pain rather than making it better than before. Physiotherapists ensure that they deliver long-term effects even if you have a chronic disease. That explains why the therapy sessions vary from an individual to another. However, some conditions require more than just therapy sessions, but your physiotherapists will discuss that with you.

5. Physical therapy and massage are the same

In fact, massage is part of physiotherapy services. However, that doesn’t mean that massage therapy is similar to physical therapy. Other types of treatments that are incorporated into Brampton physiotherapy services include laser therapy, acupuncture, modalities, and manual therapy.

6. You must get a heat pack or ice pack as you lie on the bed during therapy sessions

It is one of the most common myths about therapy sessions, which mostly discourages people from attending the sessions. Physical therapy sessions entail hands-on approaches together with the physiotherapist. Therefore, you can start attending the sessions because the facts have been set straight and myths debunked.