Strong leadership is more necessary in today’s fast-moving scientific world than ever. On the other hand, leadership is more than giving orders to workers. It impacts the team under your management and the company at large. Making the people around you feel better qualifies you as an effective leader. Being a leader involves more than ordering your subjects around. It consists of collaborating with your team towards the same goal. Excellent leadership skills, such as positivity, empathy, effective communication, and more, will help you stand out and command respect.

A thriving dental practice constantly looks at ways to grow by increasing revenues or improving appointment volume. It is not just attracting new patients. A savvy dental practice must also invest in patient retention and optimize operations. There are just as many subtle ways to lose a patient as to gain and retain a patient if not more. These tips for dental practice growth are practical advice that can be applied to any practice that may be looking at ways to reach its best year yet.

Granite is a light-coloured rock that forms from a slow crystallization process happening beneath the Earth’s surface. Granite is sort of a melting pot of different ingredients. It is formed predominantly of quartz and feldspar, with smaller amounts of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals included in.

Various aspects of our well-being are all working together to keep us healthy. Our physical health is a pillar that ensures our body can perform optimally every day. On the flip side, mental health remains imperative to keep our minds in good shape. Many components of our well-being, however, may sometimes be overlooked.