A real estate agent has to wear many hats. They are advisors, councillors, salespeople, coaches and service providers and are in the business of making dreams come true for their clients. The game has always been played using phone calls, meetings and showings with the agents connecting people to property.

Today’s norm is remote work. Whether it’s loved or hated, it’s here. Corporations have adopted. Workers are expecting remote work privileges. It’s the present as much as the future in many different business and technology categories. Managing remote employees requires a combination of things, including a strong team lead, expert-level strategies, and easy-to-use team collaboration software. Here are the best tips and strategies on how to manage remote teams.

Hardwood floors are amazing, aren’t they? Known for their gorgeous elegance, these type of wood flooring will add instant value and beauty to any home. But one thing that can bring your hardwood flooring done is sticky, tacky residue and marks. Maybe some tape got laid down and it left kind of gross-looking ‘stains’. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t have to put up with ugly, unsightly markings on your hardwood floors. In this tutorial, we’ll look at several different ways to get that tacky stuff off your hardwood flooring so that it can return to its previous glory.

We’ve all been there. A slip of the hand. A quick bump in a crowded space and suddenly you’re watching your phone tumble towards a hard surface. It happens quickly. As you turn your phone over, your first thought is very likely a plea for no damage. Unfortunately, a fall often results in a crack (or worse), leaving you with other thoughts: Can it be fixed? Can I still use it? Do I have to by a new one? We have come to rely so heavily on our phones for both work and personal use, the thought of being without…