The Four Things to Consider About Ancestry DNA testing


We have all heard about the ancestry DNA test before. There are commercials that play telling us that it is possible to find out about our heritage, where we come from, and what we are made of.

The cool thing about a DNA test is that there are more reasons to take one than you may have realized. There are 4 things in particular you should consider when checking out one of these DNA tests regarding ancestry.

1. The Test Process

Depending on which kit you go with, one may be easier to use than the others. Some require additional steps or even additional costs which means that you are paying not only for the testing device but even more to use it the right way.

There are some kits that come with both the kit and lab processing fee already included in the price. All you have to do is follow the directions and return the pre-paid mailer before you can receive your results about your ancestry.

2. What Kind of Test?

Another major thing to consider is that there are different types of test. The three main ones are the Y-DNA test, the autosomal DNA test, and the mitochondrial ancestry DNA test. It is important to know which kind of test that you are going to be taking.

The autosomal DNA test is the most rich in information, being able to trace both family lines instead of just one like the others are capable of. With a deeper result comes a higher cost but it can be worth it find out where you come from on both sides of the family tree.

3. What Comes in the Test?

Not all test kits are created equally, so it helps to know what kind of kit you are getting. As mentioned previously, the type of test matters for finding out lineage on one or both sides of your family tree. Some kits come with just the test while others provide access to different databases.

By knowing what comes in the kit, you can be better prepared for what it may show you. If you are looking for a DNA connection to your family, then it could mean one particular type of test kit. Knowing this information ahead of time means being able to get the right kit for your needs.

4. How Precise is the Test?

The last thing that someone wants to do is shell out for a DNA test only to have reservations about its accuracy. Remember that you are paying for this test to find out to a reasonable degree what your lineage is in terms of ancestry.

Some tests can go back in 25-year blocks up to a certain degree. Others have the capability of going back generations at a time. Whatever you are looking to unlock, make sure that you have a test that is accurate and know what the time frame is for how far back that test goes.