Four Myths Your Business Needs To Know About Cybersecurity


Your business needs to understand these common myths about a ransomware attack is and other facts about cybersecurity. They will help you avoid expensive issues that can ruin your business.

1. Small Businesses Are Not at Risk

Too many small businesses feel cybercriminals will leave them alone since they have little information to steal. Unfortunately, these criminals know they can get more information from an individual with only a little more effort. Small businesses can implement simple, inexpensive security measures. like encryption software and two-step authentication for employee logins, that can reduce their risk.

2. Cybersecurity is Exclusively the IT Department’s Responsibility

The IT department is responsible for your data protection and creating backups. Nevertheless, they have a more important responsibility; teaching employees how to keep your company safe. Ongoing training is essential; it is not something said during orientation and then forgotten about. Employees should be able to recognize phishing email that look like they are from trusted sources. The IT department must also implement a policy where employees who have a device stolen or lost can report it right away without feeling afraid for their job.

3. Passwords Prevent Hacking

Most employees want passwords they can easily remember. They probably have a dozen other passwords they use for their personal use, so they create one they can easily remember. like Barbara99. Insist employees create a password with upper and lower case characters, symbols and numbers that do not contain any dictionary words. If the password has at least eight characters with a combination of these elements, it will take hackers too long to figure out the password , even with software designed for this purpose. While hard to remember, the IT department insist employees do not write their password on a post it and stick it to their computer.

4. Employees Can’t Prevent a Ransomwares Attack

Employees who understand what a ransomware attack is can stop a ransomware infection by reporting it. There has to be a clear system where employees can report anything suspicious that is acted upon immediately. There has to be a way an employee can report potentially malicious attachments in emails. They have to know someone will take them seriously and take the appropriate action right away; otherwise an employee may hesitate to report anything suspicious.

These myths can prevent companies from protecting themselves from cyber attacks. It’s essential all companies, whatever their size, protect themselves.