Tips for Dental Practice Growth


A thriving dental practice constantly looks at ways to grow by increasing revenues or improving appointment volume. It is not just attracting new patients. A savvy dental practice must also invest in patient retention and optimize operations. There are just as many subtle ways to lose a patient as to gain and retain a patient if not more.

These tips for dental practice growth are practical advice that can be applied to any practice that may be looking at ways to reach its best year yet.

Tip #1: Set Realistic Growth Goals

Set goals for your dental practice. It could be to increase revenue or attract ‘x’ new patients. Be specific. Give it a number and assign it a deadline. Then, plan how to get there in a way that aligns today’s efforts with that end goal.

Tip #2: Don’t Micro-Manage – Manage!

If you’re running a dental practice, you’re not just a dentist. You’re also a business owner. Be a business owner. Don’t hesitate to hire more dentists and look at reasonable, data-driven ways to grow your business, even if it means doing less micro-managing and more macro-managing. Have that confidence.

Tip #3: Embrace Social Media

A strong and active social media presence is where you can brand yourself, launch local outreach strategies, and be easily found by community members looking for dentistry services. Don’t shy away from utilizing social media to find new patients.

Tip #4: Invest In Premium Dental Supplies and Equipment

Re-invest in your business by investing in high-quality dental supplies and the latest dental equipment. Ensure your patients receive the absolute best, and don’t give off the impression that you’re cheap. Purchasing professional-grade dental supplies online is a must for any dental practice growth strategy.

Tip #5: Network Locally

It’s key to network and build connections within the local community, especially if you’re relatively new or have opened up a new location. This will broaden your reach and could lead to collaborative opportunities, word-of-mouth recommendations, cross-promotions, employee dental care packages, and more.

Tip #6: Expand The Dental Services You Offer

Add to the dental services you offer. Increase your service offerings, promote them correctly, and be prepared to bring in more patients interested in those services. Look for partners who can bring those skills and technologies to your practice.

Tip #7: Stay Up To Date On Education

Stay current. Monitor trends. Continue your education. This enhances your expertise, gives patients confidence in your abilities, and can boost your dental practice and set it apart. This may also involve upgrading equipment and diagnostic tools, discovering new treatment options, and more.

Tip #8: Ensure Staff Are Thoroughly Trained

Your dental practice has standards and expectations. Ensure your staff are fully trained and updated on what they are. Every team member should be briefed on how they treat patients and your core principles of patient care.

Tip #9: Provide Flexible Financing Options

Cost is a major reason why many do not go to the dentist. They can’t afford to. Flexible payment modes are provided to counter-balance that. Consider installment plans to break down the cost into monthly payments, discounted rates for routine check-ups on a dental savings plan, or credit-based financing.

Tip #10: Focus On The Best Patient Experience

Patients should be treated more or less like gold. Ensure the patient experience properly frames your dental practice in the best light. Design a pleasant, caring, and kind patient experience from the moment they walk into reception to the moment they walk out. Make the effort to have a genuine connection with each patient.

Tip #11: Prioritize Patient Relationships

Patients shouldn’t just visit their dentist once and never encounter them again. As a dental practice, follow up. Check-in on them a few weeks after treatment. Focus on building a lasting relationship so a one-time patient becomes a repeat customer. You may even want to send them a Christmas card during the holiday season.

Tip #12: Review Your Day-To-Day Operations

Look for inefficiencies. Find and resolve bottlenecks. Look at your dental clinic’s operations to increase revenues and minimize wasted minutes. Look at how to boost productivity or streamline processes differently to earn growth.

Tip #13: Be Open To Incorporating Automation

Automation in dental practices saves time, effort, and money, freeing you and your staff to do other things. This ensures you are doing the most meaningful work possible and may also be an opportunity to enhance the patient experience with automation software tasks, like appointment reminders.

Tip #14: Monitor Your Online Reviews

Patients can leave reviews of their dental practice on social media, Google My Business, Yelp, and elsewhere. Ensure you know the conversation being had around your business. If you see bad reviews, do what you can to make it right and resolve whatever the issue is. Don’t let negative reviews go unanswered.