5 Smart Tips for Choosing a Name for Your New Custom App


Now that your app developer company has completed your first mobile application, what’s next? You might be thinking about promotion and advertisement, so users will be aware of the new app on the block. But before that, have you chosen a name for your app? If not, here are 7 tips to help you.

1. App Relevance

Choosing a name for your new custom app requires a great deal of thought. Not only should the name relate to the functions of the app, but it should be something that can be used to identify the app. chooses a name that users can easily remember and pronounce. Go with a simple and memorable name

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of similar apps vying for a spot in the marketplace, so your app name should grab the user’s attention. If people find it difficult to pronounce, spell or remember, then you will miss out on downloads.

2. Check If the Name Already Exists

Be sure to check whether or not there is an existing app with a similar name in the marketplace. Don’t submit your app without doing due diligence on this. You don’t want to start competing with apps that have similar names to yours. In the worst case, you may likely face copyright issues sometime in the future. In order to avoid any form of competition and copyright issues, check if the name already exists.

3. Keywords Section

As earlier stated, your app name has to reflect the function of the app. Both the app’s name and the list of keywords in the description plays a significant role in determining the success of your mobile app. You have 100 characters to define your keywords, and every character counts. Don’t repeat keywords in this section. Separate each keyword with a comma and use synonyms of popular keywords wherever they apply. This will help drive traffic. Consider using one of your top keywords in the name of your app.

4. Start with More Than One Name

Prior to choosing a name for your mobile app, write down at least five different names. Your first choice may already be taken. And if it’s in use already, you have other options to fall back on thanks to your list of app names.

Also, you can present the list of names to friends and family to give you their thoughts on them. They will tell you the name that best appeals to them.

5. Visualize the Brand

Before you choose a name for your app, you should determine first what you want to achieve and how you want users to perceive your brand. In doing this, you must take the perspective of your target audience into consideration. This will help you choose the right name.

The quality of your app depends on the expertise of your app developer company, but its success is largely determined by its name. To increase your chance of reaching more users, choose the right name for your app.