9 Solutions on How to Fix a Cracked Cell Phone Screen


We’ve all been there. A slip of the hand. A quick bump in a crowded space and suddenly you’re watching your phone tumble towards a hard surface. It happens quickly. As you turn your phone over, your first thought is very likely a plea for no damage. Unfortunately, a fall often results in a crack (or worse), leaving you with other thoughts: Can it be fixed? Can I still use it? Do I have to by a new one?

We have come to rely so heavily on our phones for both work and personal use, the thought of being without one, whether out for repair or waiting to buy a new model, can induce panic. If your phone has a damaging fall, don’t fear the worst. It may be better than it looks.

Here are a few ideas on what to do if your phone has a fall and how to fix a cracked cell phone screen:

1. Don’t Panic

When your phone falls, it’s easy to think the worst—that it’s gone, and perhaps without a backup. Take a breath and have a good look at your device. Does your phone still show an image and respond to your touch? Is the damage primarily cosmetic or more extensive?

Take your time to assess the amount of damage and consider your options. If only glass is broken, the phone itself still works and things aren’t so bad after all. It should still be possible for a phone repair service to fix the cracked cell phone screen.

2. Check your Warrantee and Insurance

If your phone is relatively new, the screen may be protected under the manufacturer’s warrantee. Check this first, to see if you can have the device repaired for free. If you bought an extended warranty with your phone or pay separately for your own insurance, you may have coverage for screen damage.

Depending on your insurance policy, you may have to pay a deductible or repair fee. However, these will still be less costly than replacing the phone entirely.

3. Replace the Screen Yourself

While this solution is not for everyone, if you have the time and patience to purchase a repair kit online, you can replace the screen yourself. You will need proper tools and clear instructions for this complex task. Be prepared to take the phone apart entirely, including SIM card, battery, jacks, motherboard, cables and more.

4. Find a Repair Shop

Perhaps the cracks on your phone screen are more significant than minor scratches, or perhaps you simply want your phone fixed by a professional. You can either take your phone to your original manufacturer or find a local phone repair specialist shop, which can likely fix anything from a cracked screen or dead battery to water damage or broken speakers.

While you may be without your phone for a few hours or even a few days, this option provides peace of mind and the satisfaction of a new screen.

5. Screen Protector

If your phone is without a screen protector when it sustains damage, adding one can do two important things: i) save your fingers from injury and ii) help slow further screen damage. While the structural integrity of the screen is already compromised when there is a crack, a screen protector can reduce uneven pressure, slowing the spread of cracks.

6. Plastic Protection

In a pinch, if you have a relatively small screen crack and don’t have time to buy a screen protector, consider a small, transparent plastic bag. Much like a screen protector, the bag will give you a short term solution—saving your fingers and temporarily helping to prevent cracks from spreading.

7. Get the Toothpaste

If the damage to your phone screen is mostly comprised of small marks, consider turning to your bathroom cabinet for a solution. Toothpaste—as long as it isn’t gel-based—can work wonders for small marks.

Simply put a small amount of toothpaste on a cotton ball, rub gently in a circular motion (careful not to let it near buttons, headphone sockets or other openings) and wipe with a slightly-damp cloth to remove excess.

8. Vegetable Oil

Similarly, vegetable oil is a solution for smaller scratches. As a temporary, cosmetic fix, simply dab a cotton ball with vegetable oil and gently rub into scratches. You will be amazed that vegetable oil is so effective in how to fix a cracked cell phone screen.

9. Baby Powder Mix

Small phone scratches can also be improved with a mix of baby powder and water. Simply mix the two until you have a thick paste. With a clean, dry cloth, gently rub into scratches and wipe clean. Be sure not to use on deeper cracks or with too much water, in order to avoid causing water damage to your phone.

Since our phones go everywhere with us, it’s no wonder they get dropped. We hope this list of ideas on how to fix cracked cell phone screen has been useful. Perhaps the best solution is prevention—if you don’t already have them, be sure to buy a solid case and a screen protector so that next time, your phone’s fall might be damage-