6 Best Technology Tools for Real Estate Agents


A real estate agent has to wear many hats. They are advisors, councillors, salespeople, coaches and service providers and are in the business of making dreams come true for their clients. The game has always been played using phone calls, meetings and showings with the agents connecting people to property.

Today is a different story because the digital era has brought us many tools to help, and everyone has a powerful computing device in their pocket. What are the latest tools for real estate agents?

Here are the six best technology tools for real estate agents:

Tool #1: Website

This has to be first on the list because you are not even in the game if you don’t have a robust real estate website. A website is just the beginning because it has to be dynamic and fluid with lots of different content. You need to inform and entertain simultaneously, so ensure your site has lots of videos, stunning pictures of all your listings, and great real estate offerings in your niche.

Make sure to have a blog with engaging articles about real estate information, including:

  • Packing and moving tips
  • Home renovations
  • How to stage your home
  • What to look for in a new community
  • Market trends and forecasts
  • Best qualities in an agent
  • Home buyer tips

You want to be the go-to website for real estate in your area and beyond.

Tool #2: CRM

For a comprehensive way to manage your business, the best tool for the job is CRM. A customer relationship management system is there to help manage all your communications with both clients and leads. You use it for organizing :

  • Emails
  • Text messaging
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Appointment reminders
  • Monthly newsletters

Real estate CRM is like having a virtual assistant because it will assist you in staying on track and reaching your goals faster. You can use this software on your laptop and smartphone, so it is always with you, ready to go by your side. CRM is fully automated, so it reminds you of everything you need to do and keeps you focused on client engagement.

This is just a taste of what it can do, so look for a qualified provider to set you up with a dynamic CRM system.

Tool #3: SmartPhone

This should go without saying, but not everyone has a modern mobile phone in their pocket. You want to take high-quality pictures and video and live stream at home and have full access to your email, social media and the internet.

Every real estate agent probably already knows this, but if your phone is out of date, upgrade to the latest and greatest device and use your smartphone to its full potential.

Tool #4: Facebook & Instagram Live

Facebook and Instagram are free platforms where you can build your brand and follow as a real estate agent. They are among the most popular social media apps out there, so as you build your network, you can use them to your advantage with marketing real estate.

The beauty of using both is that there are different demographics you can market to. While Facebook has a wide-reaching audience, they are typically older people. Instagram is more popular with millennials, who may have different housing needs that you can focus on.

You can have a virtual open house with multiple clients all at once, and they can even ask questions and get them answered in real-time. Set up your showings by announcing them on your page, and then invite your clients to join in on the day. This is a modern, efficient way for prospective buyers to see your listing and even walk your clients through other homes on the market.

You can also make promotional videos advertising your virtual open house so more eyes will be there when you go live.

Tool #5: Social Media

For most, social media is a place to be entertained and get into conversation. You must build a strong presence on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and video apps like YouTube and TikTok.

Post regularly to these apps and get into the conversation by adding value and expertise in your profession. Make fun TikToks so you are memorable and longer form videos for Youtube that provide valuable content to those looking for real estate information. The more you build a social media presence, the more successful you will be, and these free tools are there to capitalize on.

Tool #6: Niche Real Estate Tools

Here are some other great tools you can implement into your business:

  • DocuSign
  • Dropbox
  • Google Maps
  • Virtual Staging
  • Virtual Tours
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Video Production Tools
  • Wix/Squarespace and similar Website Builders
  • SEO Tools
  • Facebook Ads

Every person needs a tool for their trade to effectively get their work done. These will help you get ahead of the pack for a real estate agent. Implement as many tools as possible and watch your business get easier and more profitable.