Top Four Things To Consider When Selecting Business Printers


Business printers can add to productivity and be cost effective in maintaining if selected carefully. To select the best printer, you will need to consider the cost, volume, and the quality of print the business requires.

1. Inkjet versus Laser Printers

Most inkjet printers are less expensive to purchase than lasers, and their replacement cartridges are also cheaper. The lifespan of an inkjet cartridge is nowhere near equivalent to the laser’s cartridge. When printing lower quantities and color images, inkjets perform well. They are more compact than most laser printers, but they are noisier.

Laser printers have better quality prints when printing lengthy documents. The quality of print remains consistent from the first page to the last when printing large volumes. Over time, the cost per print is less expensive than inkjets. These printers operate quietly, but they take up more office or desk space.

2. Print Quality

DPI is the measurement of resolution. It stands for Dot Per Inch. The higher the count, the sharper the resolution.

Inkjet printers range from 600 x 600 to 1,200 x 1,200 DPI.  Although there are some higher-end color inkjets that span a range of 4,800 x 1,200 DPI. Typical laser printers range from 1,200 x 600 DPI. It is best practice to get a sample printing to see the actual quality and clarity.

3. Speed and Volume

Inkjet’s speed will satisfy offices that print lower volumes or only a few high-quality colored prints. High-end inkjets can print up to 30 pages per minute when printing in black and white. Lower end models may only do 15 to 20 pages per minute. When researching speed, know that manufacturers list the speed when the printer is in draft mode. Draft mode is a low-quality print, and is often considered just a testing mode.

Laser printers are built for speed. Many of them can do upwards of 100 pages per minute. Entry level laser printers may not be as quick, but they still print rapidly.

4. Replacement Cartridge Prices

The price between replacing a laser cartridge and an inkjet cartridge is noticeable. Laser cartridges, or toner cartridges, cost more because they can print many more documents. Toner cartridges can print 2,000 pages, and inkjets may print 250.

If your office will not be printing in volume, the cost of laser toners may not be worth it.  However, if printing large quantities laser cartridges are by far the cheaper alternative.

Business printers need to be matched up with the volume of work, speed, and the quality of print needed.  A business printing photos or colored pieces will want to select a different printer than an office that is printing out thousands of black and white documents a month.