Four Ways Field Service Software Improves Your Company’s Communications


When you have a team of field service professionals, you need to be able to communicate effectively. Field service software facilitates all types of communications, helping your business thrive and providing a higher level of customer satisfaction. Consider these four ways that field service management software improves your company’s communications.

1. Technicians Can Chat or Text Each Other

In most companies, some techs will have a particular area of expertise. They can use the field service software to share their expertise with other technicians who are out in the field. For example, if one tech is particularly skilled at repairing radiant heating systems, and another tech is on a job to diagnose a problem with a customer’s radiant heating, the techs could message or do a video chat to resolve the problem in less time. This can be done even if the more experienced tech is already on a different work site.

2. Ease of Finding Customer Contact Information

It is important for techs to find the customer’s history and contact information. For example, a customer with a radiant heating issue may have a maintenance history that would help the technician to identify the problem. There might also be a repair history to help with sorting out the current issue. The field service software would allow the tech assigned to the job to see the customer’s contact information, type of equipment and history of services.

3. Techs Can Communicate With the Scheduling Department

For many field service companies, customers call in with urgent issues that cannot wait. The scheduling department may assign technicians to cover those customer emergencies. Even if a technician had an assigned daily schedule, the software allows for changes to be made. Techs can also communicate to scheduling if a job is going to take longer than expected. This is often the case with repairs and emergencies. A plumber might be assigned to repair a leak, but finding the location of the leak might take an hour or two. The plumber could communicate to scheduling. The schedulers could call in another technician or reassign the next appointment so that other customers do not experience a service delay.

4. Customers Can Update Their Files With Pertinent Information

If customers can access their accounts, they can update the software with important changes. For example, a customer may have a new phone number. Allowing the customer to access the software and update their account ensures that the scheduling department can reach them to let them know that the technician is on the way. Customers could also update their payment information, communications preferences and other key details about their homes or accounts.