Four Reasons Why GPS Tracking is the Most Valuable Feature of a Field Service Management Software Solution


Many field service companies have successfully implemented a field service software solution to address issues such as poor customer service, idle technician time, lack of rigorous cost management, and other inefficiencies. There are many outstanding solutions available in the marketplace. A common feature shared by the top solutions is GPS tracking. Here is why it is the most valuable feature of a field service management solution.

1. Increased Punctuality of the Technicians

One study reported that sixty-seven percent of customers will never re-hire a company if the technician is one hour late. Ninety-five percent of those companies that implemented a field service software solution with GPS tracking saw an increase in technician punctuality. Many of the GPS tracking features include automated customer alerts if the technician is running late. Seventy-three percent of customers are more likely to re-hire a service provider who is late when they receive an updated arrival time. A key differentiator in the field service industry is to provide a short arrival time window and to consistently arrive within that window.

2. Reduced Labor and Fuel Costs

The GPS systems map the most efficient routes to a location. This means that the technician will arrive at their destination faster and will use less fuel. The result is lower labor and fuel costs. Eighty-six percent of companies that implemented a field service software solution with GPS tracking reported reduced fuel costs. Many of the GPS-enabled software solutions can also track the driving habits of the technicians. Poor driving habits such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard-braking can increase fuel consumption by thirty-three percent. Managing these costs translates into very real money.

3. Increased Productivity

As the technicians become more efficient with their time, they are to increase the number of service calls that they complete throughout the day. Ninety-five percent of companies that implemented a field service software solution with GPS tracking reported an increase in completed work orders. Additionally, in the event of a new service request or when a technician is significantly delayed, the nearest technician can be quickly re-routed.

4. Increased Efficiency in Resource Management

The dispatcher is able to easily maintain a bird’s eye view of the location of all technicians. This enables faster decision making and improved resource management to accommodate unexpected issues that may arise with technicians or customers. Many of the GPS tools can also track the equipment or parts that each technician has in their vehicle. This feature ensures that the dispatcher will route a fully-equipped technician to a customer location. This level of visibility also assists the dispatcher and customer service representatives in managing customer communications and expectations related to the technician’s arrival time.