8 Different Kinds of White Wine Health Benefits


Most of the time, red wine gets all the credit for being the wine that is better for people’s health. It is true that some of the characteristics found in red wine are known to be beneficial to people’s health in some ways, but if you’re not a red wine lover then don’t fret, because white wine has some health benefits too!

The following list contains eight different types of white wine health benefits:

1. Heart health

Studies have indicated that white wines also contain some of the antioxidants found in red wines, which is what makes them good for the heart. Red wine has been credited with lowering the risk of heart disease as a result of the antioxidants found in the grape skins, but as the pulp also contains these antioxidants, white wine also offers a similar effect.

2. Weight loss

The characteristics of some white wine can also help its drinker to lose weight. These characteristics are an acid called ellagic acid, and it comes from white wines that have been oaked – that is, fermented in an oak barrel or soaked in wood chips.

One to two 5-ounce glasses of wine per day can speed up the weight loss process. That said, more than two glasses of wine per day – or more than five ounces per glass – is probably going to tip the scales in the other direction, so it’s best to keep it moderate.

3. Cancer prevention

Some research has found that the flavonoids in white wine might help to prevent bowel cancer, and that white wine may also be credited for helping to prevent breast cancer. But, as always, overindulging will ruin all the benefits. Too much white wine will likely increase the risk of cancer rather than decrease it. This is because excessive wine consumption can actually help in destroying or damaging healthy cells.

4. Alzheimer’s prevention

Antioxidants come to the rescue again! Studies done on lab mice found that the specific polyphenals in white wine lead to a lower risk of developing symptoms and problems of Alzheimer’s. As seems to be the pattern with all benefits of wine, overindulging will have the complete opposite effect, resulting in memory loss and possibly even increasing the risk of developing dementia.

5. Boosts brain function

Not only does white wine help to prevent diseases that affect the memory, it has also been credited with improving memory and boosting brain function. The idea behind it is that the wine increases the flow of blood to the brain

6. Protects the lungs

Researchers also found that characteristics in white wine help to protect lung tissue by destroying molecules that damage it. And in this one, white wine is a winner. Unlike some of the other health benefits, where white wine comes in second to red wine, researchers found that white wine protects the lungs better than its red counterpart.

7. Cholesterol maintenance

Both red and white wine have shown to help regulate cholesterol, according to studies. Once again, this only works when done in low to moderate amounts, large amounts of white wine (or red wine, or any alcohol for that matter) will increase cholesterol. And even though it is proven to have some positive benefits, it is not recommended that individuals with high cholesterol begin drinking wine in order to try to regulate it.

8. Happiness

White wine can also make you happy! In large quantities this is untrue, it can actually upset the balance in your brain and mess with your mental health. However, keeping with the theme of drinking in moderation, one to two glasses of wine can help to release dopamine, opioid peptides, and serotonin into your brain.