7 Reasons to Switch to a Commercial Trash Compactor


The disposal of trash is one thing that homes and businesses alike have to deal with on an ongoing basis. Finding the most affordable and effective method is part of total waste management. Below are seven reasons you should consider switching to a commercial trash compactor for the collection and disposal of your business waste.

1. Reduce Waste Collection Pick-Ups

Frequent waste collection service tends to cost you more money and creates more wear and tear on your parking lot, or driveway over time. A commercial trash compactor will allow you to fit more garbage into one space for efficient removal. You can have all trash taken to one central area rather than scattering numerous dumpster or bins in several spots on the property.

2. Eliminate Blowing Trash

Typical dumpsters and bins come with one problem that can irritate neighboring homes or businesses. When trash is offloaded from carts to the bins, loose trash can blow away and become airborne. It can land in areas that are off the property, leaving your neighbors to clean up the gradual build-up of an unneeded mess.

3. Reduce Waste for the Environment

Using a compactor will help incorporate a method of recycling to your business. It is a friendlier way to dispose of trash for the environment as a whole. The compacted trash will take up much less room in the landfill.

4. Stop Illegal Dumping

Late night use of your trash bins and dumpsters increase the amount you should spend on business waste disposal. Illegal dumping can account for a larger portion of your bill than you would normally feel comfortable paying. Eliminate this problem by installing a commercial compactor for your business trash use only.

5. Reduce Odors and Rodents

Keeping your waste collected in one central area will help reduce the incidences of serious odors. Waste compactors are difficult for rodents and other pests to access. It will help eliminate this problem with little effort. It cuts down exposure to germs and disease for you and your employees.

6. Reduce Employee Injury

More injuries occur than necessary when trash has to head out to a variety of locations on the property that house collection bins and dumpsters. Keeping the trash collection at one spot will decrease the chances of employee injury, which can lead to high medical bills and lawsuits. It reduces the number of trips needed to take the trash out to the compactor.

7. Easy to Operate Equipment

Commercial compactors are not that difficult to learn how to operate properly. A few simple training sessions and you can have designated personnel that handle this detail each day. When operated properly, it is some of the safest equipment available for commercial use.

Trimming down trash disposal costs are only the beginning of the benefits of using a commercial grade trash compactor. Trash compacting is one more way to bring efficiency to your business.