5 Things to Do before Building a Mobile App for Your Business


Let’s face it—the future of businesses is mobile, and it all comes down to having a great mobile app. Any organization that is not thinking about developing an app risks being left behind. However, recruiting an app developer company to design and develop an app for your business requires a careful and detailed appraisal of your operations and processes. To get the most value for your money and time, you should do the following before creating a mobile application for your business.

1. Decide Which Platform Your App Will Run On

The aim of developing an app is to get your clients to engage with your business. The challenge here lies in the fact that your clients are on different app platforms. There are those using Windows, Apple or Android-based platforms. Ideally, your app should be able to run on all platforms. If you, however, don’t have resources to have your app run on all major platforms, you will need to determine which platform to go for based on where most of your clients and potential clients are.

2. Determine If Creating a Mobile App Is Necessary for Your Business

Apps might be trendy right now, but if you’re interested in building one solely because everyone else is doing it, you may not benefit from it. If you are not sure why you need an app, how will you brief the developers in the first place? Conduct market research to determine if your customers want to interact with your business using a mobile app before you start building.

3. Determine the Value of the App


To see any benefit from a new app, it should be tied to your business goals. Articulate to the developers what exactly you want the app to do for your company and why. How will the new app help you enhance your service offerings, improve customer service, increase sales, or achieve any other goal you have in mind? Understanding the answers to these questions will help you better communicate the purpose of the app to your developers, who can, in turn, deliver on your goals. Tell the developers why you want the app and they will develop an app that’s just right for you.

4. Determine Whether a Similar App Exists

If you’re looking to create a custom app, you’ll need to determine whether it’s been done before. It won’t make sense to start developing an app if a similar one already exists. Alternatively, consider whether an app you create may be better than what’s on the market. Check reviews left by users. If the ratings are poor, you might make a case for a new app. But if it’s working perfectly, developing a similar app will be a waste of resources.

5. Understand the Difference Between UI and UX Design

The success or failure of your app depends on this. UI is the design interface while UX is the user experience interface. An app with a good design interface but a poor user experience is bound to fail. The design interface, or UI, should enhance the user experience (UX). For enhanced user experience, the design interface must be easy to use. Regardless of what you hope to achieve with your app, you must remember that simplicity is key if you want users to use the app. Ease of use should always come first. If the app developers are saying your needs are too complex, listen to them.