5 Smart Ways That Will Help to Restore Gut Health


The gut is the one section of a human body that holds trillions of bacteria which help to process the food that you ingest. These bacteria also help the body produce nutrients as well as fight diseases. There are probably ten times more bacteria in your gut than you find cells in your entire body. The gut gets to work each time you eat something which makes it a crucial organ in your body. These trillions of bacteria in your gut are what will determine whether it stays healthy or not. And the environment of your gut also determines how your entire body feels and reacts. Nobody likes the feeling a sore, upset, or painful gut can bring. All the more reason to always ensure it is in good health. And there are a couple of smart ways you can do that. Keep reading and find them out.

1. Lessen stress

Your brain and gut are connected in many ways. So, when you experience any form of stress, your brain cells can switch off which can cause digestion and the blood flow in your gut to slow down. This then causes the muscles that push waste and bacteria to freeze which also leads to a decrease in digestion. Safe to say that any form of stress, especially chronic stress will always equal to a poorly functioning gut. So, the best and possibly easiest was to help restore gut health is to cope up with stress, this will also maintain your gut help. And you can do this through yoga, meditation, breathwork, and even therapy.

2. Stay hydrated

It is crucial that you stay hydrated at all times. A good rule of thumb you can follow is to drink half of your body weight in ounces every day. That easily translates to about eight glasses of water each day. Water is essential in that it helps keep any waste and bacteria in your gut moving through the digestive system. And this is exactly what you need to prevent bloating and constipation.

3. Take probiotic whole foods

Fermented whole foods are also another great option especially the ones that have large amounts of good bacteria. Miso, kimchi, sauerkraut, and coconut kefir are just a few of the plant-based probiotic-rich foods you can eat. You also want to avoid any foods rich in vinegar or pasteurized varieties. These elements are known to kill good bacteria. It is good to educate yourself on the best probiotic whole foods if you do not know which ones are great for you.

4. Take less refined sugars and processed foods

Processed, sugar-laden, refined foods basically give the bad bacteria an all-you-can-eat buffet, and this increases the chances of health situations that end up weighing you down and dim your shine altogether. Restore gut health by cutting down on sugars and any processed foods.

5. Eat regularly, not constantly

To maintain a good balance of the digestive processes that take place in your gut, it is recommended that you eat regularly. Eating regularly is one of the best tricks to restore gut helath. However, you also need to give the bacteria in your gut the chance to clean up and remove any bacteria and waste that may cause you health issues. Do not, however, eat constantly as this will force the bacteria to work overtime and not have any time to rest from all the digestion. So, snacking constantly will definitely slow down digestion.