5 Easy Ways To Save The Environment


These days, everyone wants to go green. From bringing their own bags to the grocery store, to buying an electric vehicle, there are many ways people are saving the environment. Here, we list 5 easy ways you can help save the environment, including donating old items to a thrift store, using a trash compactor, and composting. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Bring your own bag.

One of the best ways you can reduce waste in landfills is by bringing your own bags when you go shopping. Reusable bags are not the only option — you can also purchase a lightweight shopping cart that makes bringing groceries home a breeze. Whatever you do, don’t forget your bag or you may have to pay 5 cents for a plastic one. If you do need to use a plastic bag, make sure you reuse it as a garbage bag or a pet waste bag, rather than simply recycling it immediately.

2. If you own a business, use a trash compactor.

Did you know trash compactors can reduce the load on the environment? That’s because compacted trash takes up less space in the landfill, and it also takes up less space on the truck, meaning fewer trucks are needed and less gas is being used. A trash compactor can also reduce your overall operating costs, since you’ll need to pay less for trash collection. It’s a great investment for any business that produces a lot of trash.

3. Drive the car less.

Cars use a lot of gas, and can contribute to pollution. If you’re going only a short distance, why not walk or bike? In areas with good public transportation, you can consider taking transit to and from work, which would greatly reduce the amount of pollution you’re contributing to the environment. Even if transport is not good in your area, you may be able to carpool with a coworker if you live in the same neighbourhood. This way, you save on travel costs and you may even get to use the carpool lane.

4. Donate old items to the thrift store.

Many people simply throw out old items they no longer need instead of donating them to a thrift store. While thrift stores used to be frequented by the poor and needy, these days, more people are going to them looking for a deal. If you want your items to go to the needy, look up a local charity that will pick up your items for free. Either way, it’s reducing waste and finding a new home for your unwanted items.

5. Compost.

If your area has a “green bin” program, you may be able to hand off your compost to the city. But even if your area doesn’t offer a composting program, it’s easy to learn how to compost your food scraps. You can learn online, and use the compost to fertilize your garden. If you don’t need the compost, it’s still better than putting it all in the landfill.