4 Ways to Get Feedback on Your New Mobile App


There are many ways to review your app. Ask any app developer company, and they will list out different techniques and strategies. However, it’s important to keep the app review process short. Not everyone has the time to give feedback, especially when the process takes longer than normal. Here are some ways to get feedback for your new app.

1. Leverage Social Media Platforms

Most developers use social media as a platform to further increase app awareness. No doubt, it is an effective means to promote your app, but it can help you do a lot more than that. It is a great tool for getting app feedback as well.

One way to get feedback is by staying actively engaged on social media. If users encounter any problem, you’ll be notified almost immediately. Building a strong social presence takes a lot of time, so staying committed is the key to achieving your goals.

2. Seek Feedback from Other Developers

Do not hesitate to seek advice from other people within the app development industry. Don’t be scared to pick up the phone and make the all-important call. Another alternative is sending them an email. Be polite when asking them for feedback and understand that they may not have time, but it’s still worth it to ask.

Of course, you can ask loved ones to review the app, but you may not get the results you seek. Professionals in the mobile app industry have greater knowledge about how apps work, UX design, and more, and they may be willing to share their expertise with you.

3. Encourage In-App Reviews

Let users know you are open to recommendations and suggestions on how to improve the user experience. Don’t make it hard for your users to reach you. Provide your contact information and multiple ways to get in touch. This way, you can not only get feedback on your app but also build a relationship between you and your users. Make it easy for them to choose the most convenient mode of communication including call, text or email.

Furthermore, you can perform in-app surveys to monitor your app’s performance. Be sure to keep it short and make it easy for users to respond. The only way to get users to review your app is by asking for it, and an in-app survey can come in handy. If they don’t like a specific feature, they will pour their hearts out, and you can make the requested changes to enhance the experience.

4. Get Feedback on Your Websites

Design a specific page or section on your website where users can easily reach you. If possible, design the page like a forum where they can interact with each other as well. They will share useful information that will benefit you.

Also, you can leave your own point of view on hot discussions. This is a great way to build a good relationship with your app users. In this case, you can provide options for users to sign up for an account with their real names or usernames. Don’t forget to include an option for those who would prefer to stay anonymous as well.

If you want to optimize the user experience, you need to review your app regularly.