4 Tips to Maximize Your Dental Appointments


Most of us realize the importance and value of visiting the Oshawa dentist twice a year. Although we might not look forward to our appointment, we know that dental health and hygiene play an important role in our well-being. Here are some ways to make the most of each scheduled dentist visit.

1. Maintain dental hygiene and care

Keep up with the dentist’s recommended daily care for your teeth and mouth. Brush after eating, floss at least once a day, and rinse your mouth afterward to remove any lingering residue or bacteria. Avoid eating sugary foods and beverages, and munch on fresh fruits and veggies. The dental hygienist will be impressed and possibly be able to find few if any problems during the exam.

2. Take note of abnormalities or concerns

If you find an unexpected sore, blister, or growth, let the dental practice know right away. They may want to see you immediately to treat the problem or rule out any potentially serious issues. Injuries to the mouth, teeth, or soft tissues like the cheeks, tongue, or palate should likewise be reported to the dentist’s office in case x-rays or treatment are needed.

3. Ask about specialized dental products

Your dental practitioners will likely introduce new products that may benefit your dental and oral care. However, don’t hesitate to ask about products you have heard about or seen on television that might be useful for your dental care. Examples might include a sleep apnea device, teeth whitening products, or power-based toothbrushes or gum massagers. Special oral rinses such as fluoride-based products might also be worth asking the dental staff about. The more time you spend on getting the right dental care for your teeth, the healthier you are likely to remain.

4. Request information about best practices for good teeth

In addition to asking about dental products during your routine checkup or exam, you could also inquire about best practices, especially cutting edge preventative care or treatments that may cost less or be safer than traditional methods. For example, you may want to learn more about using certain herbs to prevent tooth decay, or natural substances to reduce pain if you are having a dental procedure done, such as a tooth filling. Your dentist can provide more information or direct you to appropriate websites and resources.

A dental visit offers the perfect opportunity to be more proactive about the care of your teeth and mouth overall. Use your appointment time to ask questions, clarify explanations, and confirm instructions for your oral care until your next dental exam. Healthy teeth play a major role in appearance, confidence, and health in general.