4 Different Mobile App Monetization Strategies to Consider


What are you supposed to do when people flock to your mobile app, but the money isn’t forthcoming –yet? The best type of app development not only works but also drives the expected revenue is to hire a professional app developer company. If you are still trying to figure out the best way to monetize your app, consider these strategies.

1. In-App Purchases

This mode of app monetization makes your app another sales channel. If your app has a wide range of features and targets different needs and requirements of users, in-app purchases may be for you. In this case, users enjoy basic features of the app without paying a dime, but accessing other additional features comes with a fee. Downloading these apps is free, while the in-app purchases make you money. This means users only pay for the things they want.

To use this model of app monetization, you need to familiarize yourself with users to know what features an app developer company can add. To get the most of this model, add features and functionality that will be useful and relevant to users. In-app purchasing options can range from selling goods and services to purchasing additional features or stages for games.

2. Subscriptions

Subscriptions are another great way to monetize your app. To make this work, you should always keep the content fresh and up to date. No one would be willing to subscribe to a service in your app if you fail to update content frequently. Increasing the update cycle of your app can further enhance the customer experience, making your visitors regular customers and encouraging them to spend more time using your app.

3. Ads

If you achieved little or no success with in-app purchases and/or subscriptions, you should consider ads. Placing advertisements within the app is indeed a smart way to monetize your mobile app. One of the things to remember when implementing advertisements is to make sure they cause the least interruption to the users.

An app developer company can smartly design and develop the mobile app to ensure the ads don’t disrupt the customer experience or affect the app’s performance. Showing users irrelevant ads might put them off. Prior to implementing ads, it is advisable to gather information about your customers to know their likes and dislikes. By doing this, you can show them highly targeted ads they won’t mind seeing.

4. Freemium App Model

Another popular way to monetize your app is through a freemium model. Using this model requires that you build a good customer base and allow them to download your app free of charge to enjoy basic features. And with time, they can upgrade to the premium model if they want more than just these basic features. Users will choose to upgrade to the premium model if they find the app useful, engaging and interesting.

There are many ways to earn revenue from your mobile app. Finding what works can help you achieve the expected outcome. Choose the best monetization strategy and start reaping the benefits.