Top 6 Benefits Of Using An Online Research Community Platform


As times change, the way people and businesses gather research changes. With the pandemic and social distancing causing issues with in-person research focus groups needing to be canceled, other ways of getting quality research are being found. Going forward, it is important to take advantage of new technological tools to continue gathering necessary data. Below are some benefits of using an online research community platform to connect your customers and employees.

1. Everything In One Place

One of the main benefits of using an online research community platform is the ability to bring people and ideas together in one place. This makes it easier for businesses to collaborate with their customers and ask them questions, interact with them, accept their ideas and listen to their complaints. The more your customers share with you, the more it can contribute to developing your brand.

2. Brand Ambassador Creation

Nothing can grow a business as well as word of mouth. To ensure your customers are eager to share your products and services with others, keep them engaged with an online research community platform. Sharing information with your organization on a regular basis will help them fully realize the value of your products and brand.

3. Grow Your Reach

Improving customer loyalty and brand recognition is another benefit of using a community platform for research online. Your company doesn’t need points and programs to get loyalty from customers. Simply engaging and extending your reach by sharing information with those in the loop can go a long way. Building a loyal customer base also increases repeat business.

4. Combination Platform

On a single platform, businesses can combine quantitative and qualitative research. This can include discussion boards, surveys, journals and online focus groups. Everything needed to gather quality research can be combined seamlessly in one place.

5. Learn More About Consumers

Online research communities allow opportunities where previous methods couldn’t reach. Brands can use them to dig deeper into understanding customers’ feelings, behaviors, desires and motivations regarding their products and services. A key advantage of engagement is the ability to get more details from people in the communities. Additionally, communities can be used to gather and handle sensitive customer information. The journal feature allows users to comment privately with brands.

6. Lowering Costs

The last benefit to consider is the ability of online research communities to lower the cost of research and support. Not only can brands assist community members, but the community members can also assist each other. This can save time and money on internal support.

Once a brand has set up an online research community platform, it is important to ensure it is maintained and easy for members to stay involved. Their engagement is crucial to the success of your business.