How to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom


Does your small bedroom appear all congested that you wish it were more spacious? Instead of moving into a different house to acquire a bigger bedroom, several tips can help you maximize space in your current one and live happily ever after. These ideas will make you realize more space in your small bedroom that you barely knew existed.

A small bedroom shouldn’t limit you from embracing fancy styles, decorations, and layouts. As you experiment with different ideas, you should focus on your tastes. Consider your preferences when choosing the best space maximization ideas for your small bedroom.

Here is a guide on how to maximize space in a small bedroom:

1. Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are more than magicians when it comes to space maximization in small bedrooms. The beds can be folded into a chair and a bed to suit different needs. Even better, modern sleeper beds have been designed to accommodate various designs of chairs, an advancement from the traditional simple chair and bed.

A sofa bed for small spaces come with additional storage space beneath them. Sofa beds are probably the best alternative to standard beds when one needs to maximize space in a small bedroom. You can get a sofa bed or two for yourself and your sleepover guests without worrying about space.

2. De-clutter Regularly

De-cluttering has a way of making a room appear fresh and more spacious than before. This is probably what your small bedroom needs to feel less congested and more accommodative to your needs.

During de-cluttering, one discovers what’s meant for the bedroom and separates it from the rest. Experts have also associated de-cluttering with reducing anxiety, boosting mood, and providing more energy.

3. Equipment with In-Built Storage

Did you know there are pieces of furniture that come with in-built storage spaces? Such furniture can be a lifesaver for small bedrooms with little or no storage space. For instance, you can get a bed with under-bed drawers for clothes, shoes, and other bedroom essentials. Similarly, a washing machine with in-built storage will save your tiny bedroom from loads of clothes.

4. Vertical Space

You can maximize space in your bedroom by using the free vertical space. Thinking vertically in your bedroom requires you to install floating shelves for books, flowers, or your make-up collection.

You can also replace your standard bed with a lofty one, leaving plenty of space on the ground for other bedroom essentials. Another way you can use the vertical space in your bedroom is by adding art on the walls and embracing open shelves for your stuff.

5.Locate Your Furniture Next to the Walls

Having furniture against the wall is a great way of maximizing space in a small bedroom. The layout leaves room for movement, rugs, and other bedroom essentials, such as a center table. Try out what works best for your bedroom in different formats. The common pieces of furniture that should embrace this layout include the side-bed draw, bed, sleeper sofas, wardrobe, shoe rack, and bookshelf.

6. Natural Light

Good lighting makes a small room appear and feel spacious even when it’s small. Proper integration of natural light into a room increases the value of space from every corner. You can maximize space with natural light by using light-coloured curtains and large glass or sliding windows. You can also trim the bushes and branches close to the window, embrace light-coloured interiors, and use mirrors for maximum reflection.

7. Fancy Storage Baskets

Gone are the days when you could find laundry baskets used as storage baskets in the bedroom. Millennials and Generation Zs have embraced fancy baskets for storage in their bedrooms.

The baskets come in different designs, shapes, and styles, helping you choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. You can use the baskets for your clothes, shoes, lotions, towels, tissues, books, and other bedroom stuff.

8. Space-Saving Furniture

Since you’re already battling for adequate space, embracing space-saving furniture over its complex counterparts would be better. Organizing your room and finding a spot for every piece becomes much easier with such furniture.

The most popular and effective space-saving (besides sofa beds) include expandable tables, murphy beds, stackable kitchen chairs, nesting tables, and pop-up tables and desks.

9. Free-Standing and Slim Nightstands

You can agree that nightstands consume a significant amount of space in the bedroom. You sometimes wish to do away with them or relocate them to a different room- which is unnecessary.

To maximize space in your small bedroom, you can embrace free-standing and slim nightstands over their large, dependent counterparts. Besides maximizing space, such nightstands have been recommended as a fashionable way to decorate a bedroom.

10. Space Behind the Doors

Did you know there’s some large space behind your bedroom doors to store several essentials? You must install a few hooks behind the door for hanging belts, handbags, purses, and body creams.

Alternatively, you can construct slim cabinets for books, documents, pens, and other small-sized items that can fit in such spaces. Several racks have been designed to work behind the bedroom door for storage. That way, you will save a lot of space for other stuff.