5 Top Benefits of Using Pressurized Fluid Leak Detection Technique


Manufacturing and shipping companies are struggling with food and beverage leaks while in warehouses or during shipment. These organizations have used various leak detection equipment with no tangible results. However, pressurized liquid seems to be providing the reprieve that many manufacturing and shipping companies have been waiting for. This method of leak detection involves visible detection of leaks through electronic sensors or specialized fluid pressure gauges. Some of the benefits of pressurized fluid leak detection method have been highlighted below.

1. Simulating Real-World Conditions

Leaking is a real-world scenario where food or beverages stored in a particular package start to flow or drop out. This means that there is a mechanical problem that is allowing food products and other preservatives to leak. The best method of detecting this challenge is testing through simulation. Pressurized fluid is designed to give a real-world view of where the leak problem is coming from, especially in fluids.

2. Helps in Detecting Huge Pressure

Some leak detection equipment are only designed to test small pressure that is generated by the can or any other material used in packaging. However, the pressurized fluid leak detection method is designed to help companies in detecting leaks that are generated from high pressure. It is possible to test pressure above 500PSI, which cannot be detecting using other conventional methods. This gives organizations an opportune time to solve huge leak possibilities that could be fatal

3. Proffered for Destructive Testing

Analyzing leak possibilities in metal packages is a hard task for any manufacturing company. Most of the leak detection equipment can only be used in a destructive way, where the product inside is destroyed during testing. However, the pressurized fluid leak detection method is highly preferred in testing leaks on metal packages because the products inside don’t have to be destroyed. There is a lot of useful information available at the Flexpak inc website.

4. Cheap Equipment

The system used in detecting leaks through the pressurized fluid is cheap and readily available. Most of the startup companies have been accessing it through upfront payments, leasing, and even renting. It also has a low maintenance cost because it does not require drying after testing. This means that the system can be used multiple times before cleaning or replacing the worn-out parts, which is a common trend in other leak detection equipment.

5. Customized Fluid

Most of the leak detection methods that are used by manufacturing and shipping companies use any fluid available, especially when testing using the immersion method. This reduces the accuracy of the technique because some fluids have high viscosity and cannot test small pressure. It is also difficult for the person testing leaks to see the bubbles. The pressurized fluid leak detection method is very accurate because it uses a customized fluid that can test both low pressure and high pressure.