4 Workplace Cases When an Employment Lawyer is Necessary


The human resource department or engaging the management can solve some workplace disputes. However, only an employment lawyer can handle some workplace situations or conflicts. It’s vital to have an expert in employment law handling or advising on complex and contentious matters. Otherwise, employees or employers might suffer, affecting their careers and lives. These are some of the several scenarios when it’s paramount to seek legal help instead of solving the matter on your own. It might be helpful for you to visit Levitt LLP and learn from the information on their website.

1. Workplace Bullying

Studies reveal that extreme workplace bullying negatively affects employee productivity and morale. Surprisingly, a significant number of depressed employees are due to bullying at work. Also, most employees who get bullied at work take sick leaves frequently, affecting workplace productivity. Workplace bullying can take different forms, such as using abusive language, humiliating comments, unjustified criticism, and intimidating behavior. Fortunately, an employment attorney can help resolve such disputes.

2. Wage and Hour Claims

Workers struggling to handle wage and hour issues can benefit from the services of an employment lawyer. These claims go beyond addressing non-payment and underpayment wages. They can also entail inadequate break times, fair wages, and receiving paychecks in time. Consider consulting an employment attorney to help your organization deal with any of these issues.

3. Employment Contract Review

Employment contracts are essential in outlining the necessary terms for a good relationship between an employer and employee. The agreement contains terms, such as termination clauses, remuneration, bonuses, and tenure. An employment lawyer can help an employer draft a viable contract and an employee to read through and understand each term of the contract. If there are any disputes in an employment contract, it’s best to consult an employment attorney. These legal experts are conversant with reviewing all points in an employment contract and solving all manner of employment disputes. Their skills come in handy to allow you to have a clear understanding of your workplace and take the necessary steps moving forward.

4. Sexual Harassment

The presence of requests for sexual favors in a workplace can make the working environment unconducive. They make the workplace environment hostile or offensive, affecting job performance. Also, it’s illegal to retaliate against an employee or manager for reporting a sexual discrimination matter. It’s essential to work with an employment lawyer when pursuing a sexual harassment case because specific procedures must be followed for formalities and getting a solution. Besides, employment laws change, and only an experienced attorney can keep up with the changes and guide you through the case.